Letter: Confusion over legal dispute

What is going to happen to Whitby's Tourist Information Centre?

Monday, 6th June 2016, 11:00 am
Whitby Tourist Information Centre

I refer to the Whitby Gazette of May 13 and the article about a “legal bid to save the tourism centre”.

Can someone from Scarborough Borough Council please tell the people of Whitby what this legal dispute is about and how it refers to closure of Whitby’s Tourist Information Centre?

There was also mention that income from harbour land should be “ring-fenced”.

Does this mean that money from Whitby harbour land, including revenue from the marina car park, should be used for maintenance, repairs and improvements to the piers and other harbour facilities and not go into the borough council’s general coffers?

It would be good if borough council officers and councillors could tell us what all this is about.

Sandra Smith

Esk Terrace