Letter: Commondale a cold place without gas!

Re: A Stroll with Stu (Gazette, April 29).

Friday, 13th May 2016, 11:00 am

I was amused to read the article, A Stroll With Stu, about a walk from Birk Brow through my home village of Commondale.

Of particular interest was the comment about the prevalence of solar panels in the village as, “The work of the local solar panel salesmen”.

Residents of quaint and picturesque little villages so beloved of walkers, villages like Commondale, often do not have the benefits of a gas supply.

Gas for heating is around one third of the price of electricity and Commondale can be a very cold place.

Installation of solar panels goes some way towards offsetting the very high energy costs that residents in communities like ours have to accept.

Solar panels will never make us self-sufficient in our energy use but the generous feed in tariffs offered to early adopters of this particular technology do help our heating costs.

As far as I am aware there are no concessions for communities that have no access to relatively cheap natural gas supplies. Alternatives such as oil and LPG are far from cheap and subject to global price fluctuations.

We did our research then invited the sales people along and listened patiently to their pitch and made the necessary investment.

Regrettably the houses in your picture at the top of the village are not constructed with those iconic hard Commondale bricks.

Just the plain old mass produced ones used in most of the housing developments around Teesside.

An interesting well researched piece. Thank you Stu.

George Simpson