Councillors need to expand walking and cycling routes around outskirts of Whitby

Having read the article about the lack of footpaths on The Carrs (Gazette, May 27), I am reminded of the lockdown walks I enjoyed.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 5:28 pm

To walk along the ‘line’ from Ruswarp to the Co-op car park was both stimulating and peaceful at the same time, the actual condition of the path wasn’t that good, being uneven and muddy, yet many people walk this route

Looking at another walk from Upgang Lane to Sandsend, this very popular walk is always busy, connecting Whitby’s economy with Sandsend.

Again, the path is narrow, four people cannot walk abreast or pass in each direction without having to walk behind each other.

Councillors Clive Pearson and Joe Plant at the Briggswath end of The Carrs.

The road itself is quite fast and you feel quite vulnerable when cars, buses and lorries pass.

This path is ripe for development being widened onto the edge of the golf course, I would even suggest a cycle path could be added to remove bikes from the road and keep them separate from walkers (better use of government money than putting a cycle path into the park and ride).

Councillors need to expand the walking and cycling routes around the outskirts of the town, for both residents and visitors.

Whitby lacks open areas to exercise as they are all being sold off for development, the town needs more facilities to exercise in both summer and winter months.

Government grant money needs to be spread around the town and not just in the harbour, to pedestrianise it.

We need to spread the footfall away from the harbour and develop other features of the town to overcome crowding, and offer better facilities to residents and visitors alike.

Peter Croft

Belle Vue Terrace, Whitby