Letters: Have your say on possibility of new burial site

At the full council meeting on Monday, January 8, I raised the subject of burial grounds for the people of Whitby.

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, 7:00 am

Quite simply, the existing site is full.

Cllr Chatt, portfolio holder for this issue, assured me that he would like to come to Whitby to discuss possibilities for a new site.

As I understand, Whitby Town Council has invited Cllr Chatt and officers to a meeting of the planning committee. This is progress.

I would urge residents to get along to this and other meetings.

Cllr Chatt is anxious that Whitby gets what it needs and wants with regards to this important and sensitive issue.

Any groups or individuals who have a view and would like their voice heard can get in touch either with me (07903370268) or Cllr Chatt.

I would urge your readers and the people of Whitby to give this some thought.

Cllr Rob Barnett

Esk Terrace