Letter: Who will fight for Whitby?

I have regularly attended Whitby Town Council meetings in the past and it was I, last December, who called on them to propose a vote of No confidence in Scarborough Borough Council.

Friday, 10th March 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:35 am
New Whitby mayor, Noreen Wilson, is appointed.

Tuesday night’s meeting at Pannett Park was like an amateur dramatics play.

The start of the play was slow but the finale before the curtain came down was the highlight of the performance.

Seriously though, the meeting was an embarrassment and shows why the people of Whitby don’t attend the meetings and have no confidence in Whitby Town Council as well as Scarborough Borough Council.

I have attended the meetings when I can, as I always feel Whitby is done badly to in comparison to its ruling neighbour down the coast.

I attended to bring up the point about the shear number of houses being built and upcoming further plans. More revenue for Scarborough Borough Council but nothing put into the town.

The police station is mostly closed, the library going onto voluntary running, piers on the verge of collapse. I know some points are not under Scarborough Borough Council’s control but they have to take responsibility for many of our issues in Whitby.

After Tuesday night’s Whitby Town Council meeting I wonder now who can realistically fight for our town? Whitby Town Council is now obviously divided and cannot carry on like they did on Tuesday.

Ian Dixon

Fishburn Road


* Click here to listen to a recording of part of the town council meeting.