Letter: Our special Whitby deserves more attention

The new signage on the approach to Whitby describes the town as a 'jewel', which I'm sure we all like to think our town is, but is this a reference to the money it brings in for our overlords '“ Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council '“ or is it because it is a wonderful place to live and visit?

Monday, 7th March 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Monday, 7th March 2016, 10:51 am
The sun sets on Whitby on a winter's evening picture: Duncan Atkins

If the latter, why are the councils, particularly Scarborough Borough Council, doing everything they can possibly think of to harm the town? The list is adding up, and appears to be spinning out of control and now includes:

• The closing of the Tourist Information Centre to all intent and purpose when this could have been taken over as a community asset, but not even given the chance.

• The proposed refurbishment of Crescent Gardens with permanent planting and a mast – could we not have had a competition for a local artist to design something better and more secure and in keeping than a mast which could blow down in this windy spot?

• Development of the harbour in this key conservation area to block out all site of the water from Endeavour Wharf with a four-storey high building, down to virtually continuous sheds along Pier Road to sell yet more unhealthy foods. I’m not sure how the selling of sweets can be related to a harbour activity on this permitted development land, and could we not have had a bit more imagination used in the designs?

• No progress on repairs to the piers, but work has started on the lighthouse. Surely the piers are more important, but I forgot we charge people to get in the lighthouse!

• Closure of Eskdale School and the community groups that are based here.

I have no objection to creating jobs in this area and would encourage it, but we must ensure all development in this special town is well thought out and designed, and not rushed through as quickly as possible.

Can we have a white knight on a charger ride in to save us all?

Joyce Stangoe