Letter: More money, less service

I attended the recent Whitby Town Council meeting to ask what is happening to all the money that is being generated in Whitby.

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 9:40 am
Updated Thursday, 30th June 2016, 10:47 am
Whitby Abbey looking fantastic - but council tax payers here pay a lot more than they do in Westminster! picture: Donald Plant

Firstly I looked at council tax for my band B home: Whitby 2016/17 = £1,311.60. And the Borough of Westminster 2016/17 is £520.19.

This was a shock to me.

So we pay a massive council tax in comparison to a part of London?

It is about time the question is asked, why?

We are getting poorer services every year, Tourist Information Centres under threat, toilet closures, dilapidated buildings and crumbling roads.

But what about all the revenue coming into the town, where is it going to?

Prices in our pubs, cafes and shops are dearer than many other places.

It seems a few families, businesses and people are making a packet, but what gets put back in?

Whitby Regatta can’t afford to pay for events.

What about all the jobs from tourism, minimum wage and seasonal?

Locals can now barely live, high prices and high rents.

All the houses that come up for sale end up in the hands of people from out of town with bigger purses.

Come on Whitby residents start to ask your councillors where the money is going to.

Ian Dixon

Fishburn Road