Letter: Grants could help reduce seagull '˜muggings'

Re the action by Scarborough Council on gulls.

Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 10:00 am
A Whitby seagull

It plans to spend £36,500 per year to employ ‘specialist agencies’ to remove nests and eggs from buildings along with bringing in birds of prey, this plan is thoroughly misguided.

The first step should definitely be to nest, roost and perch proof buildings in the immediate areas most at risk.

In the 3,000 letters Scarborough Borough Council has already sent out suggesting methods for ‘proofing’, which were very informative, why instead of asking businesses to foot the bill for such work themselves did the borough council not offer grants to the businesses affected, after all apparently there is £36,500 per year available.

Once thorough proofing work is carried out birds will have few, if any positions to sit and wait to carry out ‘muggings’.

Without the proofing work any displacement measures will simply have to be repeated each and every year at a starting cost of £36,500.

Graham Oliver