Letter: Devolution would be a better option

I note Tees Valley are now voting for their mayor, so what has happened for us at Whitby?

Friday, 7th April 2017, 7:00 am
Whitby view. Whiby in the sunshine. . pic Richard Ponter 171214c

I note I have received a poll card to vote for the election of councillors to North Yorkshire County Council, so we have to continue to put up with paying for the parish, borough and county councillors, plus having restrictions placed on our area via the North York Moors National Park, yet not having the benefits they offer such as local occupancy for housing.

Why can Yorkshire not agree to Devolution, is it partly because North Yorkshire only has Conservative MPs, and why are we the voters being kept in the dark about this process?

Why can we not belong to a unitary authority which hopefully can communicate between departments, and not cost us as much with all the layers of governance and management?

We urgently need a change to elect councillors who will stand up for Whitby and ensure our town is well maintained and managed, that our sea defences are fit for purpose and that the piers are repaired and in future well maintained, not as can be seen from Scarborough Borough Council’s budget forecast - down for some maintenance work in 2019-2020, and not as indicated by some councillors to be repaired by 2018.

Joyce Stangoe

St Andrew’s Road