Letter: Captain Jack's feat should be marked

This winter I re-read the adventure of Captain Jack Lammiman's voyage to Jan Mayen (east of Greenland), and was made aware that this July will mark 25 years since he and his crew set sail to retrace the journey of William Scoresby junior.

Monday, 23rd January 2017, 10:00 am
Jack Lammiman

Jack’s determination and possible eccentricity earns him a firm place with previous Whitby men of the sea, as a modern explorer who the locals embraced because of his brush with the Department of Transport.

I hope that Whitby is going to commemorate this great feat.

As a mere suggestion, William Scoresby senior invented the crows nest and in recent times Whitby has displayed one of these.

Perhaps re-erecting the nest in his honour would be a fitting tribute (or anything your readers could suggest) - I would most definitely be the first to put £20 in the collection.

God bless his memory and best wishes to any of his surviving crew, and the harbour official who wished him good luck when he was about to set sail, instead of alerting his seniors to prevent him leaving harbour.

Top, top man!

Mel Squires