Disabled people deserve better access in Whitby

I remember Whitby from 1955.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 12:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 12:38 pm

Two-way traffic including buses on Baxtergate, no New Quay Road, the boardwalk, herring drifters etc and finally moved here some 20 years ago looking for a place to retire to.

Initially all was well and I knew full well the problems associated with living here.

But about four years ago I found myself in the same position as Mr Lawson (Letters, March 1) becoming disabled and wheelchair-bound.

My own experiences have been very similar to Mr Lawson’s.

In a wheelchair, even a kerbstone will foil one’s progress, let alone the entrances to many small shops.

While not expecting private businesses to change much, the so-called disabled facilities of many public buildings leave much to be desired.

Consider the disabled loo in the New Quay Road.

Difficult to get into in a mobility scooter, once inside it is almost impossible to turn round or open the door going either forward or backwards.

This place was certainly not designed by a disabled person nor used by one.

At Whitby Hospital there is a disabled toilet on the corridor to the left of main reception. The problem here is the door is immediately pursued by a right angle bend and too much junk furniture, since it is shared with baby-changing facilities.

With the current layout, most corridor doors are impossible to operate from a mobility

scooter. It is to be hoped that motorised doors will be installed on the forthcoming rebuilding.

Certainly Britain is proving to be a most disabled-unfriendly land.

I also agree with Mr Slater’s letter in the same issue.

NatWest Bank site would make an ideal visitor centre and easily made disabled-friendly.

Whitby certainly does not need another fish and chip shop!

John Knight

Beeching Mews