Opinion: Why I love Donald Trump

Oh Donald. Last summer I watched on, totally amused by Mr Trump and his rhetoric.

Saturday, 26th March 2016, 7:00 am
Joseph Warren

Back then, his quest to build a wall seemed but a fantasy. No one could have predicted Big T becoming the front-runner for the republican candidacy.

So why do I love Donald?

On February 4, my beautiful sister, at the prime age of 28, tragically passed away in strange and unusual circumstances that are yet to be explained. So, I left for London, to be with family and friends.

Grief is strange. The generosity of people is an amazing thing. I have never been offered more cups of tea, biscuits, shoulders (to cry on), hugs, beers, walks...

The unusual thing about grief is that people don’t really know what to do with it. They invite you into their homes, only to realise they are stuck with it. Stuck with you, a big ball of confused, dwelling misery.

And with this, rather than turn on a radio or TV, people do their best to try to help. In their full hearted generosity, they try to be ‘there for you.’ The reality is, the lovely person that has lent you their sofa for the night, can never truly ‘be there.’

So, after small talk, some tears and a little light hearted banter, the said friend or relative heads off to bed and leaves you with their sofa.

At last, just you. To grieve the only way one can truly grieve affectively. Alone.

To distract the never ending thoughts of my loss, I turned to TV. Unsurprisingly, there is never anything worthwhile watching at 2am.

After struggling with multiple TV remotes (I can now vouch that everyone in the UK has a TV remote that remotes absolutely nothing) I turn to the channel that is guaranteed to have rolling 24 hour drama, unrivalled on any other channel at this ungodly hour – CNN and the race for the US Presidential nomination. For a small moment, the traumatic events of the last 40 days take leave and I escape to the absurdity of American politics and my beloved Mr Trump.

And I do love him. Why? This bigoted, floppy haired, bumbling, moronic,multi millionaire? Whose only contribution to this world has been tall towers, the apprentice and beauty contests?

Because he is a stark reminder that at times, in life, and in death, some things just aren’t meant to make any sense.