Opinion: Weigh to go! Top 10 tips for shedding the stones

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As you can see from my before and after photos, I have over the last year managed to lose a huge amount of weight and have completely changed my appearance, the way I feel and my confidence as a person.

It has transformed my life.

I am only 20 and realised at my young age I couldn’t go on weighing that much, I needed to do something about it. I booked a holiday as my goal to lose weight so I could look good on the beach.

I started by searching diets and exercises and looked around on Facebook and I saw a great exercise instructor who was based locally and I started going to classes there.

I started going two or three times a week and did extra workouts at home too, so I was doing at least four to five workouts a week.

I remember it was a struggle at first but once you get the hang of it, it makes you determined to succeed.

My body thanks me for it and I feel 100 times better for doing it.

My top 10 tips to help me keep me on track are:

1. Set your phone background to an inspirational photo I set mine to a toned man so every time you look at your phone you see what you are trying to achieve

2. Go on a healthy food shop

3. Go out and get yourself some really nice workout gear make it your mission

4. Buy a T-shirt size you would like to fit into and put it somewhere you’re going to see it daily

5. Take photos of yourself at the beginning from the front, side and back

6. Swap your drinks for something without the sugar in what will make you fat

7. Don’t calorie count, I hate it as long as you’re eating your three meals a day you should be fine

8. Have your treat, allow it don’t beat yourself up about it

9. Do not keep weighing yourself it only makes you depressed I prefer to weigh myself every two weeks, so each time I can see a bigger change

10. Don’t feel you have to be great at you work out from the start, or anything like that you will only get better

I feel great for losing the weight, I am a lot more confident and get noticed more.

I even like going to clubs in Redcar which I never used to as it was always a lot harder finding the right outfit to wear when you are a bigger size frame.

I now feel like I am a normal young lad who can go out drinking and wear nicer clothes without worrying do I look good in this.

I work in the bar and restaurant at Dunsley Hall and sometimes I find it easy to keep to my diet, but as the food is so good I often say to myself ‘this little nibble won’t harm ‘, but I have to watch it.

I do find it easier to keep to my diet when I am busy as then I really don’t think about food as I am focused on keeping the customers happy.

I am really active at work but I still put weight on as everyone does, it’s just something I have to live with.

Sometimes I have really good weeks and others are really bad but all you have to think is how far you have come, do I really want to go back to that shy person I was last year and the answer is no!