Opinion: Technical '˜life support'

My work involves dealing with people from all walks of life of different ages, gender and cultural beliefs.

Tuesday, 9th February 2016, 10:00 am
How many hours are spent on iPads, iPods and other tablets?

Most have one thing in common; it’s the dreaded iPad, iPhone, iPod, biPod, isoPod, or prosauroPod call it what you will because when you look at our Japanese counterparts, they sleep in Pods!

These “necessities” cause so many problems with peoples social skills. What if we didn’t have any electricity to charge these appliances?

How would you cope with being unable to tweet your friend who is sat next to you? In fact, do you know what a battery looks like? It is not that thing you plug into the wall, that is the charger that charges the battery!

Columnist Nick Wilson.

I’m digressing here, how unusual. The iPod, what is it, where did it evolve from and why is it so damned popular? It is a conversationalists nightmare. It is a piece of man-made plastic and silicon chips that dominate a vast populous on this planet called earth. It evolved from the pupae of mother gPod, a Giant iPod that consummated a relationship with man, an earthling of smart intellect and vision.

On October 23, 2001 Apple delivered the very first iPod which was capable of storing five giga-bytes of music into a slim white box the size of a pack of playing cards. Super duper, “I want one” everyone cried. Apple grew bigger and bigger as did the innovative ideas of micro-chip development AND the cost of purchasing one of these “toys”.

Users are losing the ability to speak and hear. Why would you need to use these faculties when all is in the palm of your hand. If you can’t hear anyone talking, look the symptoms up on Wikipedia or Google; you will be told that you are going deaf. One of the biggest issues I come into contact is with the teens to mid twenties age group. It is called “Social Phobia”. I’m not at all surprised really when one considers how many hours are spent on one’s iPod. The art of physical socialisation is ebbing away.

Just about anything can be obtained via that electronic nanny, except that is, stable mental health. Wherever you go you can just about guarantee that someone somewhere will be grafted to their technical life support machine like nothing else.

Columnist Nick Wilson.

One of my roles is to re-train my clients in the understanding, acceptance and participation of social interaction; this can include writing on paper! No auto text here I can tell you, just plain English.

How often do you see a field full of young people kicking a ball about? Children making dens? Parks being used for the purpose they were intended? Am I just dreaming or is this a justifiable observation? I’m sure I am right. If I could turn off the supply of electricity for just one hour, half the world would be at a loss without that iPod, iPad, helicopter Pad and I would be very GLAD.