Opinion: Take the plunge - make that career change!

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As a 13-year-old girl, in her first careers lesson, being asked that timeless question ‘well what do you want to do when you leave school’ my first memory was that I wanted to be a hotel receptionist.

Unlike today’s pupils we weren’t asked about our dreams and aspirations but taught about the practicalities of jobs in lives.

exterior of dunsley hall, sandsend

exterior of dunsley hall, sandsend

Back then the majority of pupils that had not managed to get into grammar schools did not think they were worthy of going to university, that was only something the ‘clever’ ones got to experience.

Currently the option of going to university seems to be encouraged for all learnings and for them to believe this can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

So, you may be thinking where is this all leading?

Well, in June I started working as one of the team of receptionists at Dunsley Hall Country House Hotel.

I truly believe you have to hold onto your dreams and never give up. You may not accomplish what you want at a certain age .

That doesn’t mean it will not happen . Keep on trying.

I had worked in another role for many years but was ready for a career change.

Not being in the full flush of youth anymore it was quite daunting knowing where to start.

I want to share with you how I was successful in getting where I wanted to be with my approach .

Know what makes you happy; give yourself the luxury of time to yourself to consider new avenues; realise it is not all about the money, personal satisfaction, developing your talents or contributing to society can make you feel fulfilled – deal with the fear of change.

Change is never without stress and anxiety so talk your concerns through with your partner, family and friends seeking their help and support – be realistic about what you can do by setting realistic goals and enjoy the success and rewards it brings.

Use your network from family, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues to help you plan; consider all options – temp work,consulting,volunteering, self-employment as viable options.

Write a speculative letter to any company you want to work for even if they are not advertising you’d be surprised how positively they respond - it worked for me!

It is not easy but nothing worthwhile ever is but I hope I’ve inspired some of you out there to make a change.

I am really glad I did and am so grateful to Dunsley Hall for giving me the opportunity that fulfilled my earliest dream.