Opinion: Spare a thought for all the festive workers

Spare a thought for all of those people who work at some point during the festive season.

Saturday, 23rd December 2017, 4:00 pm
View of the Mallyan Spout.Picture Richard Ponter 134805

Yes it’s their choice, yes they chose to do that particular job but I am pretty sure when the time actually comes to go into work, 90% really wish they could stay home!

The amazing emergency services, which as far as I am concerned should be among the highest paid professional people on the land, not only for the amazing work they do but for them putting their own lives on the line in the name of their job – and this is without the classic abuse they have to put up with from people who have had too much to drink or just think they have a higher, divine power than the rest of us.

Whatever gets into such people when they want to be abusive to an ambulance driver, make false calls to our fire and rescue and spit at our police, maybe it’s time we asked ourselves where would we be without these amazing men and women.

Nicky Knight

What about the carers, to whom Christmas Day is just another day, the nurses, the doctors, the railway workers, the list could just go on and on.

To me, on a much lesser level I spare a thought to all of you guys and girls working in the hospitality trade, the cafes, the restaurants, the hotels, no this job isn’t life dependent but boy can it be soul destroying?

Every shift is begun upbeat, cheery, smiley and full of promise but it can very quickly deteriorate. Why do normal, hard-working members of the public turn into such basic idiots when out with so-called friends and alcohol is involved.

You get the classic “show off” whose sole purpose is to belittle the waiter/waitress so as to make himself look good and knowledgable to his peers.

Nicky Knight

Then the sexist remarks follow as if by clockwork, male or female it doesn’t really make a difference, we get the downright vile, using words that no-one should ever say to the touchy feely “do you want to nip outside”.

You laugh each pun off to begin with, trouble is this only seems to encourage so then you ignore to which then they mark your cards as rude, by now it’s time for a colleague to take over waiting on these particular guests which obviously leads to upset at their game being halted so then they complain that the staff are rude and demand money off the bill.

This is without the complaints of the wine being corked, the beer flat or the food “not what I ordered”.

I admit sometimes a complaint can be justified and in such cases can be easily rectified but do we have to use our waiting on staff as verbal punch bags?

Your waiters and waitresses are just people, trying to make a living to pay their bills.

They are not there for your crass enjoyment, they would actually like to enjoy their job, have a laugh, ask yourself why they would want to put up with such behaviour.

How many of us have apologised for a friend’s behaviour when out in public, how many of us have just walked away in disbelief at someone’s character and how many of us have left a bigger tip by means of an apology?

I am sure we all know someone whose behaviour when alcohol (or not in some cases) is involved becomes very questionable.

Maybe it’s time one of us just stood up and said “hey, enough, give these guys a break”.