Opinion: Penniless children can teach the mega-rich so much

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is reported as asking/demanding that '˜the rich' pay more tax.

Thursday, 2nd March 2017, 7:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:38 am

He then weakens his case by admitting he’s no expert on tax. (He’ll have an accountant to do his tax.

Then Justin simply signs them off).

And I doubt he would make theological statements unless he was an expert in theology!

So why make statements about tax when he is not very knowledgable about it?

Well, the old Etonian has to show he’s on our side by hammering the rich; the crowd pleaser from Eton who is urging lower earners: “I am on your side.”

The Old Testament prophets did their share of clobbering the rich but the prophets themselves were skint and not of the Eton variety.

The powers that be should close tax loopholes but, as those who rule us are hand in glove with the growing number of millionaires, their instincts are to not crack down at all.

The ‘rich’ should pay more. Make me into a benevolent dictator and I’ll do a good job.

In the meantime, the Archbishop could declare how he proposes to pay less tax by instructing his accountant to do ‘as an expert’ what Welby could not to.

The dogma that says a person’s money is nothing to do with others could be abolished and the poor workers get a lift.

Justin could, with the entire House of Bishops, lift their charitable giving and thus create more cash and Gift Aid tax for those in need.

The idea could spread through the Synods and then to churches.

I must say that a middle income parish church of about 90 worshippers and most of them are pensioners, have to pay the Diocese about £90,000 plus another ten grand for insurance, heat and light etc.

How long can this go on ?

Economic forces will prevail because the Church of England talks about gay sex, gay marriage, unemployment, poor overseas nations.

Everything except our faith which comes way down the list of priorities.

Our Synod’s have become mini Parliaments.

The church attendances are declining in front of our very eyes and will do so.

I have a lot of feeling with the Archbishop’s words, with reservations.

But thinking how the ‘rich’ should pay more, I reflected on the truly wealthy - Bono, a billionaire; Beckham, Rooney. Ronaldo and Mr Purnell’s super mega salary at the BBC.

Celebs are in the forefront of appeals but they shelter behind untold millions.

I ask, “Why do people in their millions pursue wealth with enormous endeavour?”

They cannot spend it. Okay, see your children okay, buy a much bigger home and a couple more Jags.

And buy a Caribbean Island next to Branson’s? Spend how you will, your wealth will grow. For what ?

To simply add more to more.

Is that living? Is it what life’s all about?

To add millionaire to millionaire may be an achievement but is it what life is about?

A society at ease with itself ? And I don’t talk about those who win 50 to 100,000 pounds or thereabout but those who pursue mega wealth.

Even the kids in refugee camps laugh as they play in the slums without a penny between them.

The children have so much to teach us.