Opinion: Idea of an Independent Yorkshire so appealing


“Be careful what you wish for” goes the saying. Now that the 2017 election is over, things are going to get worse, and apparently it’s all our fault.

So, just like the starlings in my garden we are going to endure years of squabbling over the fat balls. Looking at the figures for our area the independent parties managed to poll just over 1,100 votes between them.



That’s very sad, sometimes though you have to go with what you believe in. Instead of being negative and unhappy about everything, why don’t we inject a dose of positivity and happiness?

That is why the idea of an Independent Yorkshire (or IY) is so appealing. I think we should go for it, but on one condition, anyone coming into IY has to have a positive outlook.

Apparently, if Yorkshire had been an independent country at the 2012 Olympic Games we would have been 11th in the medals table, reason enough to go it alone.

With our coastline, and good rail, air and road links we can trade with the rest of the world (might as well think big). We have that rarest of all businesses – a highly successful shipyard.

We have some of the greatest cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, York, Bradford, the list is endless. Within these cities are the best hospitals, universities, theatres and art galleries employing the most pioneering of minds.

Engineering, textile manufacturing, it’s all still here, artisan businesses springing up all over Yorkshire, we are just fabulous.

I haven’t even started on our spectacular beaches, countryside and growing tourist industry. With our farming, fishing and horticulture we could become self sufficient if needs be, set our own prices. Our currency, the muckbrass, would compete favourably with the dollar and yen, we can’t lose.

“Ah! What about the D word- defence?” I hear you say. Catterick has the biggest army camp in Europe to keep us safe, so that’s sorted.

We could bring in laws banning people from buying up whole villages for second homes, turning them into ghost places where no light bulb is on, or plume of smoke billowing from the chimney in the winter is seen, wrecking whole communities, we need to spread the wealth.

Yorkshire is so diverse we need never leave, we’ve welcomed people from all over the world for centuries and embraced their religions and cultures. Everyone knows the best curries in the world are to be found in Yorkshire.

Hang on a minute I can hear bells ringing, are we celebrating already? Alas no, it’s just the alarm going off, and just like the 2017 election candidates, what would we do without dreams? However, we should remain positive and as Wilkins Macawber would say, “Something will turn up”. Did I vote for one of the independent parties? Well, that would be telling ...