Opinion: How to welcome people to Whitby

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Staying in Whitby is an experience, the choice of hospitality is so diverse that each and every experience can contrast greatly. That is what is wonderful about this town we can offer something very unique.

My experience in hospitality began here in Whitby working in a small family run hotel, years later I moved abroad and found myself in some beautiful destinations working in rather large hotels. My life has done a full circle and I am now back in the Whitby area working at Dunsley Hall Country House Hotel.

Hannah Wardell Dunsley House Hotel columnist photo.

Hannah Wardell Dunsley House Hotel columnist photo.

At Dunsley Hall we can offer something unique to others because we are an independent country house hotel. We have time to give guests our full attention, we actively listen to them and therefore get to know them. By doing this we are able to offer a very personal service tailored to the individual.

The thing I love about Dunsley Hall that makes it stand out is the history of the property and the character that has been kept intact. It could have been quite easy for a large firm to come along and rip everything out and completely modernise the place into a ‘minimalistic, avant-garde’ hotel (with no personality I might add). But to do that would mean ripping out the heart and soul of this place.

The character and history of Dunsley Hall offers guests a unique experience and is one of the reasons why they return to us.

We do have many guests who return time and time again, some of whom walk through the front door and say; “we’re home!”

It’s wonderful to hear guests say they think of Dunsley Hall as their second home because that means they feel relaxed here and welcomed. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that the hotel is run as a country house with a country house feel and not just a hotel, and that guests are treated individually in a friendly manner. We do have two guests who stay with us several times a year and even spent their wedding night with us last year! They always request the same room and even refer to it as “our room” because it feels like home to them.

Something we pride ourselves on is how people arrive here as guests but leave as friends and then return again as a part of our Dunsley Hall family.