Opinion: Country life by the sea '˜the way forward'

Waking up to the frantic activity and noise of an army of sparrows a few days ago made me reflect on how much my life has changed in the last 12 months.

Sunday, 22nd April 2018, 10:15 am
25th January 2012 Picture Post. Pictured the sun shines on Runswick Bay. Camera info Nikon D3s, 80-200mm lens, 250th sec @ F10, ISO rating 200. Picture by Gerard Binks.

Also – how much I’ve started to notice and really appreciate the nature and wildlife of this beautiful part of this part of the country.

This time last year I was living in Brixton, London, and surrounded with the constant noise and pollution of the “big smoke”.

My morning commute battling the tube to get across London was a sensory overload of the wrong sort.

Nick Gordon.

These days, my morning commute is a joyful walk around the gardens at Dunsley Hall where I’ve been working since January.

Living in such a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by jaw dropping landscapes around every corner has made me appreciate the countryside and all its inhabitants, not just the two-legged type that I was surrounded by in London.

I was out walking on the North York Moors today and was uplifted by the amazing scenery and frolicking lambs that have finally been allowed out in the fields.

A couple of days ago, I was strolling the beach mesmerized by the incredible birdlife. As we all know, gulls are not the quietest of birds, nor will ever win any prizes for the prettiest birdsong, but they sure beat the nose of police sirens and constant traffic of city life.

Nick Gordon.

I’ve been kindly guided and directed by my some of my colleagues at work.

While some of them clearly love and appreciate this part of the world, interestingly a few have told me that they’ve almost become oblivious to it, and rarely take advantage of it.

Living here for just a few months has made me realise what a joy living in beautiful rural part of the world can be. There’s not a day goes by when I’m outdoors taking a stroll and see a view or watch wildlife that stops me in my tracks. I had a lovely conversation with a couple a few weeks ago outside the pub at Runswick Bay.

They were as enchanted as I am by Runswick Bay, having discovered the area a few years ago.

They like it so much that they’ve bought a caravan close by and travel up most weekends from Leeds, and keen for the day when they can live here permanently.

City life feels very much of the past for me and these few months have changed me forever.

Where I end up living in the next couple of years is still a work in progress, but I know that country life by the sea is definitely the way forward.

Thank you Whitby.