Opinion: Brexit debate getting heated

Well it's all getting very hot and personal in the Brexit debate, not something I suspect will surprise many of us.

Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 10:00 am

The increasingly bizarre scare stories from both sides of the argument do no one any credit when we would all like to know more of the facts and less of the ridiculous.

Attempting to make an informed choice is no clearer now than when it was all first mooted. The fact that does make me quite angry is that through all this, the EU faceless bureaucrats have treated the British people with contempt, refusing to budge hardly at all in any concessions to Cameron’s reform requests, or did Cameron know this would be the outcome all along?

He supposedly went into negotiations with an open mind, saying at the time if he did not get substantial reform proposals he would back Britain leaving the EU.

He didn’t get what he stated he wanted but now is fervently pushing us all to stay, what happened?

It hardly increases our trust in politicians as ‘Right honourable persons.’

I would love to think there is some great potential statesperson hovering in the wings, as Churchill was during the Second World War, just ready to lead us all to salvation as the UK teeters on the brink of being sucked into being a part of a huge European conglomerate, but fail miserably to identify anyone.

As you see, my mind is clearly made up!

The lack of anyone currently with character and passion, able to give clear leadership and direction to the country as a whole seems sadly lacking.

But one thing is perfectly clear if we are to believe opinion polls. The ratio of outers to remainers is roughly 50/50.

Therefore whichever way the vote goes there will be a large percentage of the citizens of our country who will be left very disgruntled and angry with the outcome.

Now that is going to be a challenge for our politicians to heal!