Online protection presentation for parents

AS CHILDREN spend more and more time chatting online the risk of their being exposed to dangerous situations also increases.

To combat this North Yorkshire Police have organised a presentation to help parents keep their children safe.

The Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) presentation will give examples of what young people do online and will educate parents in how to keep them safe.

Whitby Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) have delivered the presentation to over 1500 pupils already this year.

Karen Foster, Whitby town school liaison officer within the Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “One of the aims CEOP has is to engage and empower children, young people, parents and the community through information and education.

“The internet has become integral to children’s lives and we need to be able to give them the tools to use the internet safely.”

The presentation will show parents statistics gathered from 6,000 11-16 year-olds during the “Thinkyouknow” campaign, including 25 per cent of young people who said they had actually met someone they first met online, and 25 per cent of these people said they did not take anyone with them.

PCSO Foster added: “This is where educating people is so important - children need to know what the possible risks are from using the internet and how to manage those risks, and parents need to know more about what their children are actually using the internet for.”

The CEOP presentation will take place at Caedmon school on Tuesday 4 May at 7pm.