One El of a lucky escape

Melanie Liu with her son Eli''w122510c
Melanie Liu with her son Eli''w122510c
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A MUM has told of the ‘sickening’ moment her toddler son fell over a cliff edge in Whitby – and walked away without a scratch.

The drama unfolded last Saturday afternoon when Melanie Liu was enjoying a picnic on the Spion Kop and chasing butterflies with her 19 month-old son Eli.

Mel below the cliff''w122510a

Mel below the cliff''w122510a

She was holding onto him when he lost his footing in what she thought was long grass but turned out to be the edge of the cliff face.

He landed in a bush which stopped him falling around 50 feet onto a concrete car park.

Mel immediately jumped down the cliff herself and grabbed Eli before scrambling their way back to safety.

She told the Gazette: “It all happened so fast but the grass makes it stick out but it is literally vertical.

“I grabbed him and laid for ages on that bush, I was shaking that much it felt like hours but it was probably minutes. It is your worst fear, I was being sick and my heart is hammering just thinking about it. As he fell I screamed instantly and people said they had heard a blood-curdling scream and a guy scrambled up the mud to get to us.

“I was a bit incoherent but he calmed me down. All I know was his name was Tom and he lived in Somerset.”

People have suggested since the grass it too overgrown and should be cut but while Mel says it should be left for the wildlife she is warning people to take more care.

She added: “I never once let go of him and thought nothing would happen but the edge is much closer than you think. It took me ages to get home, I kept being sick and bursting into tears but Eli was totally fine by then.

“To him he just fell down a small hole, he doesn’t know what is down the rest of it.”