Olympic fever hits Whitby

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OLYMPIC fever hit the region this morning as thousands lined the streets to watch the Flame make its way through Hinderwell, Lythe, Sandsend and Whitby.

Glorious sunshine greeted the Torch as it entered Yorkshire for the first time in Hinderwell at just after 9am.

The torch was preceeded by a convoy of vehicles, which included motorcycle policemen who gave children a high-five as they passed.

11-year-old Harvey Clacherty and 9-year-old Scott Jackson were given the morning off school so they could watch the torch.

Harvey, who attends Danby School, said: “It’s mint because it’s really good, it’s once in a lifetime.

“We’re going to take lots of pictures because it’s probably not going to happen again in this country.”

As the Torch passed through Lythe the bearer was greeted by a thunderous bang as the stiddy was fired.

It then headed down Lythe Bank and passed through Sandsend.

Torchbearers from all over the country, and others from slightly further afield, were cheered as they passed the crowds, but Lythe resident Louise Hegarty will have received the warmest reception as the only local girl.

Louise, a teaching assistant and secretary at St Hedda’s School in Egton Bridge, said that she woke up this morning feeling very nervous, but when it actually came to her turn to carry the Torch she felt really happy and “didn’t want it to end”.

Louise carried the torch down Chubb Hill Road and Bagdale, and added: “It was amazing, absolutely amazing.

“It was over too soon, but was an amazing experience.”

Louise passed the Flame on to 25-year-old Kelly Williams from Scarborough, who brought the Torch into Whitby Station at around 10am, where it boarded the North York Moors Railway.

Goathland schoolkids joined hundreds of others from around the region in riding with the Flame on board the steam train, the Sir Nigel Gresley, as the Torch left Whitby on its way to Pickering.