Nothing to crow about as cockerel is stolen

The remaining animals of Millbry Hill.
The remaining animals of Millbry Hill.

There was little to crow about at Millbry Hill as thieves made off with a giant hand-painted wooden cockerel.

Along with its fellow carved animals – a dog, a horse and a cat – the cockerel is a well-known and welcoming sight to anyone regularly driving along Guisborough Road.

Staff at the Selly Hill pet supplies store, just outside of Whitby, believe the sculpture may have been taken sometime during the night of Sunday 30 October.

They are hoping somebody can offer information on its whereabouts.

A Millbry Hill spokeswoman said: “There are no tyre tracks nearby, so we’re not fully sure how they managed to steal this large sculpture.

“We were thinking it might just end up on the beach or something as a prank, for Mischief Night.

“Really, who’d want to steal a giant cockerel otherwise?”

She added: “However, we would like it back – it is worth quite a bit, as it was a bespoke item, specially made and hand-painted.

“It’s unique.”

More recently, the cockerel was spotted in Stainsacre last week, perched on a telegraph pole.

By the time Millbry Hill employees had arrived to retrieve it, it had disappeared once more.

Millbry Hill is offering £50 worth of vouchers to anybody who can offer information leading to the return of the cockerel.