Councillor to star in alien documentary

Simon Parkes who will star in a documentary about his alien encounters''w122205
Simon Parkes who will star in a documentary about his alien encounters''w122205

A Whitby councillor will star in a Channel 4 documentary about his experiences with aliens and the time he was abducted on the moor’s road.

Coun Simon Parkes who was elected onto Whitby Town Council in February 2012, was contacted by award winning independent production company, Off The Fence, to appear in the show called Confessions of an Alien Abductee.

The 53-year-old Labour councillor hit the headlines last year when he sensationally claimed his real mother was an nine foot green alien and that he was often followed by mysterious men in black.

The self employed driving instructor fom Prospect Hill said he had been headhunted by the programme makers after his name came up as someone in the know on the subject of aliens.

The crew has been filming him in his work as a town councillor, followed him on a visit to the RAF Fylingdales base and of him speaking about his experiences which began as far back as six months when he had an encounter with aliens in his cot through his teens and into adulthood.

Coun Parkes, who is married with three children, said: “What we are trying to do is show I am an ordinary person, not someone challenged with any mental difficulties, that I am the sort of person who is believable and they filmed me during an ordinary day.”

During the filming he spoke about his most recent encounter in which he described being abducted by aliens in Cloughton while travelling in a car on his way back from Sainsbury’s in Scarborough with a friend at around 8pm.

“My friend said this isn’t right, we shouldn’t be here yet. I said the journey back always seems quicker. My friend was absolutely sweating, she had no recollection of leaving the supermarket and driving through Scarborough, no recollection of the moor’s road, only a lorry coming towards us flashing its headlights.

“We had only been on the road 15 minutes and we had got back. Channel 4 said they were interested in that, they had been doing research and that had been coming up quite a lot.”

Coun Parkes said his grandfather, Sir James Owen Marsland was a vice counsel for the British Government and was a member of MI6 while his mother, Jean Parkes, who brought him up alone as a single parent was a spy working for MI5 from 1967 until 1979.

He added: “Channel Four have said if that man was off his trolley would he really be let in to one of the most secret bases in Britain?

“There are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on every beach in the world, there’s going to be other life out there.”

Coun Parkes said he receives visitors from abroad keen to speak to him about his experiences as well as giving others help who have been contacted by aliens.

He also gives talks on his alien encounters to groups across the country for which he receives travel expenses.

“I am not going to ask to be paid to tell the truth,” he added. “People come from all over the world to talk to me. I am more well known in America than I am in Britain.Some people come to me, I work with them and show them they are not crazy and then they go back. Channel 4 are very excited about the documentary. They have said it is the first time anything is going to be done like it.”

The documentary is due to be screened in the near future.