'˜Not another Whitby chippy for cod's hake' - dismay at plan for former NatWest Bank

I '˜cod' hardly believe my eyes when I read about the potential plans for the former NatWest Bank.

Friday, 18th January 2019, 11:28 am
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 11:29 am
The old Natwest bank in Whitby, the site of a proposed new Fish and Chip restaurant, believed to be Papa's Jan 2019

I don’t want to carp on about this but surely this beautiful building is not the plaice to be embarking upon such a project.

Before we know it there’ll be people perch(ed) at tables and chairs outside on the pavement, with colourful umbrellas on pikes and group(ers) of tourists ling(ering) in queues blocking an already busy thoroughfare.

Please don’t think that I have a chip on my shoulder, but I do think that we should all salmon and trout very loudly about this, hasn’t Whitby had(dock) enough of this kind of business already?

The sole argument for this project appears to be job creation!

I’ll address that shortly.

OK, enough of the humour (rubbish as it is, I admit), but this is a serious subject.

Surely we do not need another chippy?

Within just a very few yards, we have Alexanders Fish Restaurant on Golden Lion Bank (literally part of the same block), Angel Fisheries on Angel Yard and on St Ann’s Staith we have The Bridge Café, Harbour View and Russells.

And many more just a little further away.

So yes, Papa’s Fish and Chips might create 50 new jobs, but what about the livelihood of the folk at the establishments that I have mentioned when their business is taken away by this new venture?

It is in the Conservation Area of course, but I understand that there is nothing in the proposal about altering the facade.

However, folk may well wish to urge the planning authority to impose strict conditions on noise, litter, signage and odour.

I have a better idea for the building, how about a new Tourist Information Office on the ground floor with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau above and other areas converted for office use (potential rental income)?

Or how about a cinema ?

At least give us something that will enhance the town...not another chippy, for cod’s hake!

Michael W Kilpatrick

St Hilda’s Terrace