North Yorkshire Police mobile safety camera routes 1 - 7 August

North Yorkshire Police will be carrying out mobile safety camera enforcement on the following roads between Wednesday 1 August and Tuesday 7 August.

In the Whitby area the camera will be located at: A171 Jugger Howe opposite Springhill Farm; B1460 Castle Road, Whitby; A171 south of Scaling Dam; A169 Whitby to Pickering Road near Goathland; A169 Whitby to Pickering Road at High Horcum; A171 North of Whitby at Kempston Rigg; A171 Mayfield Road, Whitby.

The mobile safety cameras will be in operation at the above sites at various times during the dates stated. Cameras will not be in use on the above routes all day, every day. The above locations were accurate when this news release was produced.

Due to operating constraints at some of the sites, mobile safety camera locations may change on occasions without prior warning.

The camera will also be located at: A64 Malton by-pass Malton west-bound; A64 Seamer by-pass Scarborough; A64 Seamer Road Scarborough; A1039 Filey Road at Flixton; Stoney Haggs Road, Scarborough; A64 Malton by-pass east-bound; B1257 Newgate Bank, Hawnby; Leeming lane, Catterick village; A6108 Darlington Road, Richmond; A6271 Great Langton; Gatherley Road, Brompton On Swale; A1039, Filey Road at Flixton; B1427 Queen Margaret’s Road, Scarborough; B1249 at Staxton Wold near Staxton, Scarborough; A64 Seamer by-pass, Scarborough; A165 Reighton by-pass between Sands Road and Hunmanby Road; B1249 Foxholes to county boundary; Stoney Haggs Road, Scarborough, south-bound; A170 Scarborough to Thirsk Road at Snainton; B1257 Newgate Bank; A19 Crathorne; A170 at Scawton Moor; A170 Eastgate Pickering; The Village, Stockton On Forest, York; A1036 Malton Road, York; York Road, Haxby, York; A1237 Monks Cross, York; A64 east-bound Bowbridge Farm Tadcaster; A64 west-bound Bowbridge Farm Tadcaster; Broadway, Fulford, York; Murton Way, Murton, York; Fordlands Road, Fulford York; B1228 Main Street, Elvington, York; B1228 Dunnington Lodge, Elvington, York.