North Sea cod is a success story we can all be proud of 07977516933'New Seafish CEO Marcus Coleman in Grimsby 07977516933'New Seafish CEO Marcus Coleman in Grimsby

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to bang on some more about collaboration being the key to success for the UK Seafood industry.

Recently, we’ve all read the fantastic news from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) announcing that North Sea cod is now fully certified as sustainable.

Those of you in the industry longer than I will know the history and our very own Bill Lart has captured the key points in his Story of North Sea Cod which you can read in the Spotlight section of this month’s Seafish Roundup.

The turnaround that Bill describes in his article is an excellent example of collaborative working with a whole host of players coming together to do their bit.

They put aside their own self-interests and have worked for the good and advancement of the whole. It’s a story we can be proud of and I’m sure everyone involved will be keen to see the sustainability maintained in the years ahead.Improving the fishing industry’s safety record is another area where collaboration is making a difference. The safety record is improving (11 months since the last fatality) but the Fishing Industry Safety Group (FISG) chaired by Sir Alan Massey of the MCA wants to push on in order to see the rate of progress accelerate.

There is a major change coming with the implementation of the International Labour Organisation’s Work in Fishing Convention (C188).

Finally, I’m pleased to report that the collaborative process that is used to shape Seafish’s next Corporate Plan is now well advanced.

We are on track for the publication of a new Corporate Plan covering the period April 2018-2021. Our three Industry Sector Panels have discussed the work they would like Seafish to be undertaking. Recommendations have been made to the Seafish Board regarding broad budget allocations and we are now in the process of firming up on the activities that will feature in the next Plan. It is clear the Sector Panels want Seafish to support industry growth and become even more relevant to the needs of stakeholders.

The Seafish Board will consider the proposed activities at its September meeting and the Sector Panels will review the final plan in October before it goes before the four fisheries administrations for sign off.