Nominate deserving Whitby folk in Big Thank You Awards

With days left to vote we still need nominations to ensure Whitby's unsung heroes are recognised.

Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 2:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 2:46 pm
Rosie Breckon with teacher Amanda Davidson of west cliff primary school who has been nominated by Rosie's parents for a Thank You award

Don’t miss this great opportunity to say who should pick up one of the Borough’s Big Thank You Awards.

The community awards, sponsored by Scarborough based McCain, are for people who have carried out good deeds, made it through a personal challenge, raised funds for charities and taken pride in the borough.

We need your votes for the Personal Challenge category for anyone who has experienced problems in their life but has shown strength of character. The new category represents the mayoral theme of “Breaking the Cycle”.

19 year old, Dale Milne who has been nominated for an award for his work at DAG

Mayor of Scarborough, Cllr Tom Fox said: “Breaking the cycle is so important in tackling causes, not symptoms. It’s about dealing with the hard issues that affect many people, and many parts of this borough - whether it be offending, drugs, alcohol, chaotic lives including homelessness or worklessness.

“The problems are often complex and there are no easy answers. Sometimes it is easy to judge and condemn but with the right support people can make positive choices to turn around their lives, improving not only their own lives, but that of their family and community too.

“That is why it is so important to give recognition to those who have ‘broken that cycle’, a celebration of that fact whilst creating an incentive to others by their example that they too can ‘break the cycle’.”

If you know someone who has done exceptionally well to show strength in the face of their problems, recognise their achievements by nominating them for the award.

Tamsin Nailor Heritage award, Grosmont.

Amongst the latest batch of nominees is Dale Milne in the Courage Over Adversity category.

Dale had a swimming accident and suffered from a serious spinal cord injury when he was just 15.

His nomination reads: “Dale set positive ambitions. He would complete his education, returning to Caedmon College 6th Form to achieve A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology and Law. In this final year he will achieve BTEC3 in Business Studies.”

“Dale wanted to give something back to the community for the help, support and encouragement given to him and his family through darkest times. Dale’s personal challenge is to help the Disabled Action Group to revise and update a guide and handbook for disabled people and carers.”

19 year old, Dale Milne who has been nominated for an award for his work at DAG

Another Whitby nominee is Amanda Davidson who is up for the Carer/Helper award for her work as a one-to-one teacher for eight-year-old Rosie.

Rosie was born with undetected hip dysplasia and has to face many challenges. Amanda’s nomination reads: “To list the achievements of Rosie since working with Mrs D would be a novel, but what is clear is that Rosie’s determination and happiness in school is a result of the support, encouragement, consistent and ‘give it a go’ approach she receives on a daily basis.”

The scheme is run by Scarborough’s Mayor, Cllr Tom Fox, in conjunction with the Whitby Gazette, with the winners announced at a ceremony at Scarborough’s Spa Complex on Tuesday April 19.

The deadline for nominations is Thursday March 17 so nominate now at

Tamsin Nailor Heritage award, Grosmont.