‘No frontline cuts’ in council budget

COUNCILLORS have confirmed the budget for Scarborough Borough Council for the next financial year - which includes no cuts to frontline services.

The budget will include a revenue budget of more than £17.73 million, efficiency and savings of £2.24 million, and a freeze in council tax.

Additional budget provision will also include £10,000 to provide mainstream funding for contributions to Scarborough’s Baron’s Leisure Centre, £31,000 to provide mainstream funding for enforcing fire safety standards, £30,000 to provide revenue funding for new fitness suite equipment at Whitby Leisure Centre, £41,000 for a safeguarding post, £76,000 to provide mainstream funding for Neighbourhood Regeneration and Area Forums and £21,000 to provide one-off funding for the costs associ-ated with a new depot.

Funding from the Earmarked Reserves for the 2011/12 year for the following areas – £70,000 to develop the Leisure Strategy and the development of the Leisure Village, £22,000 for an Anti Social Behaviour officer, £31,200 for night marshalls, £40,000 to progress offshore wind farm opportunities, £20,000 for Town Centre Development studies, and £50,000 for the Whitby Harbour Board.

Proposed capital expenditure will include £200,000 for Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre assets and £250,000 for Scarborough’s North Bay Play Area.