‘No confidence’ petition launched on the borough council

Scarborough Town Hall
Scarborough Town Hall

An online petition has been launched calling for a vote of no confidence in Scarborough Borough Council following a series of concerns.

The petition, which has almost 500 signatures states: “We, the undersigned, wish to state that we no longer have confidence in the present council cabinet to manage and maintain services whilst ensuring constitutional and legal processes and procedures are observed and upheld, for and on behalf of the people.”

See https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/a-vote-of-no-confidence-in-scarborough-borough-council.html.

It comes amid issues including that of the whistleblower Ben Marriott who says he is still waiting for an apology from the authority after settling his wrongful dismissal case.

Mr Marriott and the council came to a damages agreement at a hearing in Bradford last week after judges ruled that he had been forced to leave his job after the authority ‘whitewashed’ his complaints about corruption.

Mr Marriott told The Scarborough News that including legal fees and the damages he estimates that pursuing the case against him has cost the council around £250,000.

Mr Marriott, 65, told his bosses in 2014 that council employees were allegedly having work done on their houses by approved council contractors at favourable rates in exchange for taxpayer funded contracts down the road.

At an employment tribunal in Hull earlier this year, three judges led by Humphrey Forrest ruled the council had failed its employee, effectively leaving him with no choice but to resign from his job at Dean Road Depot, and savaged the authority’s handling of the investigation into his complaints.