No chance for us to ask questions about Cinder Track

Re: Cinder Track meetings, I asked a ward councillor to investigate. Here's their reply:

Friday, 28th September 2018, 8:00 am
The Cinder Track.

“Hi Viv, I’ve been in touch with chair of O&S (overview and scrutiny) board requesting a meeting in Whitby, apparently the board thought the meetings could be seen by more people via the webcast system in the town hall if they held them there.

“However there are plans to hold local events in some villages so members of the public can see plans and ask questions, I’ve asked that one is included for Whitby.

“Apparently there has also been a request from Whitby Civic Society which was to be considered today by the O&S board task group.”

I have to ask, are Scarborough councillors afraid to come to Whitby?

Can’t they cope with straight talking?

I personally feel discriminated against by SBC Overview and Scrutiny board. They can hold two meetings in Scarborough, but expect residents in Whitby to watch it on their computer as it live streams.

So we don’t get a chance to ask questions! Not everyone has access to watch it being live streamed, and many don’t even know that they can do this.

Once again, I am disgusted at SBC’s version of fair play. We obviously don’t even reach the standard of poor relation, we’re just non-entities who pay the allowances and travel to these fat cats.

In no way do I include our Whitby councillors; their voices are rarely heard but they do follow up complaints, in my case anyway.

Viv Wright

Helredale Road, Whitby