New war memorial plans are unveiled

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Detailed plans for a new outdoor war memorial in Whitby have been revealed and backed by the majority of Whitby Town Council.

A working party of councillors has been developing a project to create a new memorial that can be a focal point in the town over the last few months.

The tribute, which will be made of stone with an inscribed granite plate on the top, is set to be situated at Dock End where the Scoresby statue stood before it was blown over in heavy storms in April.

The slab of stone is thought to be coming from the quarry in Aislaby and the granite from Norway. The base of the memorial will have an inner core and be secured with a steel bolt.

It will have dimensions in proportion to the footprint of the Scoresby tribute and there will be an information board next to it bearing the emblems of the Yorkshire Regiments.

Councillors hope the people of Whitby will come up with ideas for inscriptions for the granite feature while local architect firm BHD Partnerships are working on the technical drawings.

Coun Sean Rixham-Smith who has been working on the project said: “We will then invite people to decide what inscription they want. It is their memorial we will let the people of Whitby decide.”

However, at the meeting Coun Steve Smith said he didn’t think Dock End was the right place for a tribute to the town’s fallen soldiers.

He said: “My personal view is we should go out to consultation on where it should be. I believe that Dock End is probably not the right place for it.

“When it is folk week and everything else that goes on and they are dancing around, this is disrespectful to the memorial.”

He also queried costs for the memorial which is expected to cost in the region of £6000. It was reported at the meeting that half the cost will be funded by Scarborough Borough Council and the rest from sponsorships, donations and the Whitby Town Mayor’s fund.

Mayor of Whitby, Coun John Freeman said: “That will be my personal gift to the town rather than spending it on hair cuts and suits.

“The rest of the funding we are looking for sponsorship and we are quite confident that we will get all this.”

Coun Phil Trumper added: “It is going to be a very attractive war memorial. I was in two minds to start off with but I am completely behind it.

“People can go there and visit it, sit and pay their respects to the people that have fought for this country.”