New toilets agreed in place of Khyber Pass

Khyber Pass toilets''w135018a
Khyber Pass toilets''w135018a

New toilets will be built at Whitby’s West Pier following Scarborough Council’s decision to sell off the dilapidated Khyber Pass toilets.

The authority voted on Monday to sell off the existing facilities and to build replacement pay-on-entry toilets at the Shellfish facility nearby.

The council was told by portfolio holder Mike Cockerill that the replacement toilets would be built before the Khyber Pass toilets were closed.

He said: “We hope to have the new toilets open in time for the 2017 summer season.

“The existing building [at Khyber Pass] requires an amount of work to bring them into line with something that we, as owners, can be proud of.
“We therefore believe the disposal of the freehold would provide an exiting development opportunity in Whitby.”

Fylingdales councillor Jane Mortimer said the state of the toilets was an “embarrassment”.

She said: “At one time I went to go in with my dog and it refused.

“The smell in there is that bad.”

Next week, the authority will publish its master plan into the future of toilet provision in the borough.

It will include a number of toilets, including Sandsend, being offered to parish councils in order to keep them open.

If deals cannot be struck some toilets could face closure.

Nick Edwards, director of business services, states in a report to Cabinet: “The council is facing significant budget pressures and an approach which encourages partnership working, direct charging and private sector funding of toilets must now be utilised to provide public toilets.” He said talks are under way with local councils to take over the toilets as part of a five year plan. “Significant investment” is needed to bring some of the toilets up to an acceptable standard.

The report said: “Providing public conveniences is a non-statutory function for local authorities. However, Scarborough Council recognises the importance they have for the area.”