New system for housing register

THE WAY people in Whitby apply for council houses is changing.

Applicants on Scarborough Council’s housing register are now being asked to re-register for a new “choice-based lettings” scheme, known as North Yorkshire Homechoice.

It will be operational across all North Yorkshire local authorities, apart from Harrogate, from June.

Current applicants will be sent a letter giving them the option of applying on-line or by paper application form available at the Yorkshire Coast Homes office in Whitby.

Applicants have 28 days to register with the scheme. People who do not respond will be sent a reminder. Applicants who re-register within the timescale will carry their original date of application across to the new joint housing register but those who don’t may have to wait longer.

Anyone needing advice or assistance with their applications can get it from Yorkshire Coast Homes on 0845 0655656 or the Council’s Customer First Teams on 01723 232323