New support group for Whitby carers

A NEW support group for people who care for those with drug and alcohol problems in Scarborough can also benefit Whitby carers.

The group, Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource, offers information, advice and the chance to talk to others coping with similar difficulties.

Spokeswoman Julie Graves said: “People from Whitby are very welcome to come to the meetings in Scarborough and some prefer to do so rather than have a group in Whitby.

“They have told us that they would rather travel away to them because in a small town like Whitby they don’t want to be seen going to them in case people realised they had such a problem.

“In addition, one of our team Sally Craggs will travel anywhere throughout the area to give information, advice and support to anyone who needs it.

“It’s early days for the group but in the future if people want it we could maybe set up a group in Whitby.

“Supporters may not regard themselves as carers but think of themselves as just a family member, friend or neighbour but if they keep an eye on someone who has health issues they can access the charity’s support through the quarterly newsletter Focus Carer, the website, Caring with Confidence sessions or via the Support and Information team.”

The SRCR also mails out information on activities, training and events to supporters.

The group will be meeting in Scarborough library once a month, at 10.30am in the small room upstairs. The next meeting is 26th April.

Anyone affected by someone else’s use of drugs or alcohol who would benefit from support is welcome to attend.

To find out more, ring Julie Graves at Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource on (01723) 850155.