New record set for store cattle

A dramatic new record price for store cattle was set at Ruswarp Markets Annual '˜May-Day' Sale of Suckled Calves.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 7:00 am
£2,900 was paid for this outstanding Belgian Blue Heifer shown by noted local breeder Graham Pickering.

£2,900 was paid for an outstanding Belgian Blue heifer shown by noted local breeder Graham Pickering, Goathland.

The seven month old animal was purchased by new market attendee Martin Brown of Melton Mowbray.

Once again the extremely high quality of cattle on offer translated into very strong prices. A packed ringside led to prices in excess of vendors expectations and a total clearance followed.

Prices for the best cattle were excellent but second quality heifers were easier than in recent weeks.

Prices of Note


P Hill – to £1,040, av £937

R Elliott – to £1,040, av £1,004

R Mortimer – to £920, av £910

G Pickering – to £1,000, av £911


M Greenbank – to £1,060, av £860

G W Tindall – to £920, av £870

T H Scalling – to £900, av £839

G S Halder – to £1,010, av £933

M R Cass – to £970, av £898


I Poole – to £900, av £806

G S Halder – to £1,030, av 890

P Hill – to £1,100, av £931

G Mortimer – to £1,040, av £862

Some of these leading prices were given by local young farmers hoping to win at Ruswarp Market Christmas Primestock Show and Sale.