New ‘preferred’ police chief for county revealed

The woman in charge of improving policing in North Yorkshire has revealed her preferred candidate to head up the county’s police force.

Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan announced yesterday that Dave Jones was the “clear and unanimous choice” of both her and the members of her five-strong recruitment panel for chief constable after a meeting on Tuesday.

Speaking about her selection, Julia said: “Dave currently serves in one of the most challenging policing environments in the UK.

“He brings with him a breadth and depth of policing experience that no other candidate could match.

“He has a quietly determined and collaborative manner, honed in an area at the forefront of partnership and community policing.

“Policing in Northern Ireland can also be very tough and this, coupled with Dave’s experience of leading the crime operations of Greater Manchester Police, means that North Yorkshire Police will have a formidable new leader.

“In appointing Dave, I am sending an unequivocal message to both the public and criminals that I am determined to tackle the most serious crime, as well as develop and enhance community policing, which is so important to local people.”

Ms Mulligan said undoubtedly the force faces some challenging years ahead, but she has selected Dave because he will challenge both her and the ‘status quo’ adding: “I am looking forward to working with him and I know that he will quickly gain the trust, respect and support of all our officers and staff as well as our community and partner organisations.”

In response, Mr Jones said he was “immensely proud” to have been selected.

“It is a great opportunity to work with the Police and Crime Commissioner and the staff of North Yorkshire Police and its partners to build upon the great work of the force that has seen North Yorkshire become the safest place in England,” he said.

“I am absolutely committed to ensuring that the people of North Yorkshire and the City of York continue to receive a first class policing service and that criminals are made unwelcome.

Ms Mulligan and Mr Jones will attend a formal hearing of North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Panel on Thursday 25 April when the appointment will be scrutinised and confirmed.