Never '˜just dogs' - pugs are my whole world!

I was never allowed any pets as a child, and I wanted every pet going! Rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs, you name it.

Saturday, 28th July 2018, 12:00 pm
Kerry Whitney and her pugs

I would regularly ask my Mam, and would always get the same response “NO! when you get your own house, you can have whatever you want!”

This always stuck my head. My life goal was to move out, get my own place and get a dog! Owning a dog was more important to me than having any children of my own.

Pugs Frank and Brenda at Dunsley Hall.

I spent years and years searching dog breeds, to find out which one would be best suited to me. It didn’t take long to figure this out – Pugs!

I then did years of research about the breed, spent countless hours looking at pictures of them on the internet, and spend most days imagining what my own pug would look like. Then at the age of 34, I was finally at a stage in my life, where the time was right. I did everything by the book.

I researched different breeders, and looked at many different litters.

I knew I had to get this right. Especially with so many scams and backstreet breeding that goes on.

Then one day, I found the perfect breeders, who had the perfect litter of pugs. I travelled all the way to Leicester to see the litter and it was love at first sight.

I picked my boy straight away. Frank. The problem is that I would have to go away, and wait eight painful weeks before I could bring him home. This felt like a lifetime, but when the weeks finally dragged by, it was time to bring him home.

I started an Instagram account for him, just for a bit of fun. People became very fond of following him and his naughty antics.

Lots of people have been following his account since the day I brought him home.

We also follow lots of other dog accounts, as well as pugs and we have made a lot of very special friendships.

I never expected any of this from just owning a dog.

During the summer last year, I decided to get another one, Brenda. I added her to Frank’s account and together they are ruling the world!

I take them to all kinds of wonderful locations, to get the perfect pictures of them.

A recent place we went to, was Dunsley Hall Hotel where I work. This is a beautiful setting for my pictures, inside and out.

They currently have over 56,000 followers. To make sure my dogs are always looking dapper, I started making bow ties for them to wear. This very quickly turned into a little business and now I sell bow ties for pets and people worldwide.

To most people, they are “just dogs”, but to me they are my whole life and I love them so much.

They must be two of the most spoilt dogs in the North East of England. My life has never been the same!