Necklace pays tribute to return of sea giants

The new 'whale tail' necklace produced by W Hamond.
The new 'whale tail' necklace produced by W Hamond.

Yorkshire’s oldest Whitby Jet jeweller has paid homage to one of Whitby’s oldest returning visitors – the whale.

W Hamond, which has been manufacturing jewellery using the famous black mineral since 1860, released a brand new ‘whale tail’ necklace in honour of the gentle giants that roam the coasts.

The new Whitby Jet pendant has been crafted from sterling silver.

The Whitby coast welcomes the huge sea creatures every year during late summer and autumn.

The whales, along with seals, small sharks and birds, are attracted to the coasts to feed on shoals of herring as they migrate to the inshore waters to spawn.

In the 18th and 19th century, dozens of ships left the coast of Whitby every year to hunt the whales, and a number of arches made from the whale bones remain in Whitby to this day.

Now, the magnificent animals are observed, rather than hunted, for their grace and beauty.

Chris Sellors, director of W Hamond, said: “These fantastic whales have been a part of Whitby’s rich heritage for hundreds of years – and so has Whitby Jet.

“It seemed only right to craft a new piece of jewellery, that can celebrate two of Whitby’s longest standing assets at the same time.”