Mystery of headstone solved

The restored grave
The restored grave

The mystery of a missing headstone in Fylingthorpe has been solved after fears it had been stolen.

It was noticed a fortnight ago that the stone on Isaac Storm’s grave was missing from the churchyard at Old St Stephen’s Church and with no other explanation and no-one knowing of its whereabouts, the friends of the church group assumed it had been taken by opportunist thieves.

After a story appeared in last week’s Gazette, Kevin Robinson of John Corner funeral directors in Hawsker solved the mystery and said the stone had been removed with the Storm family’s permission in order for an inscription to be made.

The headstone already bears the names of Isaac who died in 1949, his wife Anne who died in 1957 aged 92, their son Harry who died in 1978, his wife Viva and also Lizzie Edith, Isaac’s daughter.

Charles Vivien Storm was the son of Harry Storm and Isaac’s grandson and he died on 3 December last year aged 79.

It was Charles’ wish that his life and death be recorded on the family headstone despite moving to London 35 years ago and his ashes were scattered on the family grave.

His widow, Anne said: “I had no idea that the stone would be removed. I employed the stonemason to write the inscription on the stone but don’t know the intricacies of how they go about these things.

“I left it to them and assumed they would know whether they had to tell the authorities or the church warden. Why anyone would want that stone is ridiculous.”

The inscription has been made by Scotts Memorials based in Seaham and the stone was put back this week.

Charles was an architect and the couple had a house in Glaisdale for 40 years which they used a as a base for visiting family but moved to London 53 years ago for work.

Anne added: “He had a lot of interest in old buildings and was extremely fond of that church.”