Mystery of cross in the sand

The bronze cross discovered on the beach at Whitby
The bronze cross discovered on the beach at Whitby
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MYSTERY surrounds the discovery of a bronze cross discovered below the sands of Whitby which could have been there for years.

It was found on Collier Sands below the boat house by Tony Miller who was scanning the area with his metal detector.

The cross says Royal Life Saving Society on the front and has the name W Oxberry engraved on the back.

Tony, who lives in York, says he has done some research but failed to shed any more light on the issue.

The Gazette has made enquiries with the Boat House, the RNLI historian and Whitby Museum but they have no records of the name W Oxberry or a cross being awarded in the town.

Tony said: “I did e-mail the Royal Life Saving Society because they are still going but never got anywhere. I searched on the internet but I have never come across Whitby or that name.

“It was a couple of inches below the sand but it could have been two feet below, it goes up and down. It has been there a while and you just imagine because it was for life saving it was something to do with somebody from the boat house, one of the skipper lads or someone from the rowing club because of where it was.

“The question is how did it get there are if you can give something back to someone that is better than the actual find.”

Peter Thompson, the RNLI historian, added: “It is nothing to do with the RNLI but I could say it is probably 19th century.

“It has been in the sea water some time and is corroded quite a bit. If a civilian does a rescue the Royal Humane Society present them with a medal so you would think the Royal Life Saving Society would be the predecessor to that.”