‘My face hurts from smiling’ – Matilda stars wow families

Frankie Prior and Lila Danby make flowers.
Frankie Prior and Lila Danby make flowers.

Hannah Verity Dance Studios presented a spectacular performance of Matilda the Musical during their annual summer performance workshops.

Over four days, 67 children aged between five and 16 years took part in dance, singing, drama and set design.

Each of the four age groups rotated round each activity throughout the week provided by specialist teachers, working hard to learn new skills and perfect their performances ready for the show.

The children showed great enthusiasm learning – complicated dance steps, challenging songs, developing drama and making the most amazing set for their stage.

Family and friends were invited to attend a fantastic performance, showcasing what the children had been taught over the three disciplines.

The hall was packed with the biggest audience yet and the children were filled with excitement, eager to impress –and they were fabulous.

Mini movers.

Mini movers.

Jo Downie, a proud grandma said: “It was absolutely amazing. The singing, dancing and acting were brilliant and the set was fantastic. My face hurts from smiling.”

Another thrilled parent, Lindsay James, said: “Absolutely blown away by all the kids today.

“The enthusiasm they all showed proved how much they all loved it.”

Proprietor Hannah Barnett-Savage told the Gazette the children had worked “incredibly hard” to perfect their performances and had all been a joy and pleasure to teach.

Seniors at the Matilda production.

Seniors at the Matilda production.

“We are very proud of everything they have achieved and it’s also lovely to see so many new friendships being formed,” said Hannah.

“This is what it’s all about, having fun, making friends and memories for life; doing what they love to do.

“The children have been smiling all week and we as teachers have had just as much fun as them.”

Everyone is welcome at the summer school and dance classes.

Hannah added: “The children are already counting down to next years workshops.”

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