Musicport extends to new festival in Goathland

The Ukrainians
The Ukrainians

Musicport, which has always been a town-based festival, is extending outside of Whitby into the glorious countryside of the North Yorkshire Moors to develop an event that sets itself in the landscape of Goathland.

Based around the new community venue The Hut – also known as Goathland Community Hub – with camping onsite, the festival is to run from May 4 to 7.

It aims to carry on the relaxed and friendly and high-quality ethos of its established festival but with more time for festival goers to interact with artists and with each other while hopefully developing new skills.

With a limit on festival attendance of 150, it is bound to have a very intimate atmosphere and that combined with a line-up that encompasses many different music and other art forms, will make it a unique way to spend a bank holiday weekend.

Organiser Jim McLaughlin said: “Sometimes you just need to seize chances and The Hut which only opened in September, is proving to be a great flexible venue with lots of potential.

“Goathland itself offers lots more to explore than its Heartbeat reputation might suggest, and we would hope not to affect the character of the village in any way through this festival but to let people explore some of its hidden treasures.

“We’ll be using other venues in the village over the weekend including St Mary’s Church for afternoon concerts.

“We’ll also be looking to develop things during the weekend which will feed into the October festival in Whitby.”

The line-up for Musicport on the Moors so far includes:

l The Ukrainians: continue to mix up their winning concoction of Western punk-pop and traditional Ukrainian sounds, a blend that’s always best served live.

l Rise Kagona Jit Jive Duo: back home in Zimbabwe, Rise is attributed with starting a whole new guitar genre. In the 1980s and 1990s, the band toured the world – everywhere they went, people danced to their infectious Jiti music

l The Blue Lions: a band of Sikh warriors belonging to the ancient lineage of the Warrior Akali Nihang Singhs who perform the spiritual Indian classical music Kirtan, reciting mantras in specific ragas that have a profound effect on the mind and body to further become one with the soul.

l The Hut People: the duo whose barnstorming set in the cafe at Musicport in 2007 really set their career rolling are still as engaging, inventive and awe-inspiring as they were then. Never have accordion and percussion sounded so wonderfully matched or as international.

l James Brunt: a visual artist who works in and with the landscape, James will be working with volunteers through the weekend down by the Mallyan Spout waterfall in Goathland to create wonderful things to complement an already magical space.

Musicians will join them to create something that will live long in the memory.

l Other Ways to Walk: a project by artist Rachel Howfield Massey, who loves walking and loves finding ways to get a bit closer to the place she is walking – forest immersion training, mindfulness, natural navigation and a healthy imagination are some of the ways she does this. Join her to find out more and head out and explore the glorious countryside around Goathland.

Tickets for Musicport On The Moors now available (to include camping) at £100 for four days.

If you’d like to buy tickets (which can be paid for in three instalments), call Musicport on 01947 603475 or you can buy online by visiting their website.