Museum motor would be fan-tastic for all

The Sirocco fan at Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.
The Sirocco fan at Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.

Reconstruction work on the Sirocco Fan at the Cleveland

Ironstone Mining Museum is almost complete.

Now the museum is seeking a generous business willing to donate an electric motor capable of turning it, to complete the visitor experience.

The reconstructed Sirocco Fan is a testament to the engineering feats of our local industry and it is one of the foremost attractions at the Ironstone Museum.

The 2m fan-wheel could alternately draw air into, or out from, the mines at colossal speed, extinguishing fires deep inside the mines and saving the lives of the men toiling in the darkness.

Today, with the help of local engineering students at Freebrough College, the Sirocco Fan has been rebuilt at three-quarters of its original size and forms part of the hour and a half fully-guided tour which immerses visitors in a day in the life of an ironstone miner.

Once equipped with a motor, visitors will be able to witness the powerful fan at work for themselves – only not spinning at full speed, for in its heyday the Fan would have blown, or sucked, a full-grown man off his feet.

The museum is looking for a generous business willing to donate a three-quarter horsepower motor with connected gear box of around 1:40.

The Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum opens this February half-term when there will be fun craft activities alongside a mine tour.

The museum is covering the term times of all the local authorities.

So, whether you live in the Whitby area or Teesside, visit any weekday from 10am to 3.30pm or Saturday 1pm to 3.30pm) between tomorrow and February 25.

An assortment of crafts events for all the family is lined up for the holiday

You can go along and make crafty miner’s lanterns on Monday (13th) from 11am to 1pm; on Wednesday from 11am till 1pm, make messy bird feeders; on Monday 20th, bring the children again to craft your own garden creatures from 10am to 12.30pm; and on Thursday 23rd we’re making more miners’ lanterns from 11am till 1pm.

The museum will open for the new season on March 13.

Donations are welcome.