Mum takes title from William the Conkerer!

Conker comp at Mickleby
Conker comp at Mickleby

A MICKLEBY conker champion lost his crown recently after he was beaten in the grand final – by his mum.

The championship was held at Mickleby’s White Hart Inn, with the title ultimately claimed by mum Emma Donaghue.

Conker comp at Mickleby

Conker comp at Mickleby

To achieve first place she upset the odds in a tough final duel against the reigning champion, William, who also happens to be her son.

Brenda Welford, owner of the White Hart Inn, organised the championship at the request of local residents.

In recent years there have been no children in the village, but it is now experiencing something of a baby boom and there are 16 youngsters, all eager for conker glory.

Brenda said: “It’s purely for fun and all ages take part.

“It was suggested by a member of the village as a great thing for the kids to be involved in. We supply the conkers and everyone picks a string.

“Whichever conker is on the end is yours, so there can be no tampering with them.

“When we bought the White Hart last year we said we’d do a conker championship because a lot of the kids can’t do it at school because of health and safety.

“Touch wood, we haven’t had any injuries yet, the only issue is getting rapped on the knuckles.

With the title remaining in the same family for the entirety of its two-year history, Brenda was asked whether she thought conker success was due to genetics.

She said: “It’s possible, but highly unlikely.William’s other siblings didn’t do so well.I think it’s a mixture of skill and the quality of conker.”

The youngster now has a year to perfect his technique, before he can attempt to regain the title from his mum.

The White Hart Folk Club, which holds its meetings at the pub, has raised £5,200 for charity over the past year.