Mum's tribute to a lovely son

A GRIEVING mother has told of the moment she found her dead son hanging from his garage.

Kevin Johnson (42) had suffered from depression for more than 10 years and hanged himself at his home in Anchorage Way.

He was said to be distraught after he split from his girlfriend and was unhappy with his job as a mechanic.

An inquest was held at Norton Magistrates’ Court and coroner Michael Oakley recorded a verdict that Mr Johnson had killed himself.

Mr Johnson’s mother Barbara found his body hanging in his garage on 5 November last year.

They lived on the same street and she went over to his house on the day he hanged himself.

She said: “I went over and saw the garage door was shut which was strange.

“So I went to open it and I saw him hanging. He was not moving.

“I was in a terrible state of shock and went to ring the emergency services.

“I have no idea why he would do something like this as he has said in the past it is a waste of a life.

“Since he has passed away we have taken care of his belongings and his finances and he definitely had no problems with money.

“This has completely devastated our family.

“He was a lovely man and a lovely son.”

Mrs Johnson added he had recently split up with his long-term girlfriend who he had been with for more than nine years.

She said the relationship had run its natural course but Mr Johnson found out his former girlfriend had a new boyfriend and this affected him badly.

She added: “He was taking medication for depression at this time.”

Mrs Johnson said throughout the past 10 years her son was on and off medication to help with his depression.

She added: “He had recently changed jobs as he was not enjoying what he was doing.

“He moved to a new garage where he seemed to be happier.”