Mum demands bigger home for children

Amy Prince with her children Katie and Aaron''w132506c
Amy Prince with her children Katie and Aaron''w132506c

A mum-of-three has slammed a housing association for failing to accept her demands for a bigger home.

Amy Prince, of Talbot Court, said she is furious with Yorkshire Coast Homes and claims they are ignoring her requests for urgent repairs and a larger home, even though her three children share a bedroom.

The 30-year-old, whose children are aged between three and 13-years-old, says she has a list of 13 problems yet to be tackled by the association, including water damage and loose light fittings, while several doors in the property were taken because they were damaged.

“I gave them a list of 15 jobs that needed doing and only two have been done so far,” said Miss Prince, who first spoke to the Gazette about her housing problems in April last year.

“I put an official complaint in two months ago but nothing has been done since.”

At the heart of the issue is Miss Prince’s desire for a bigger property.

She said: “I tell them that the house is too small and there’s three kids in one room and they just never get back to me.

“People renting houses wouldn’t put up with this from their landlords. They say they’re there to help people like me but they don’t. The system is rubbish and I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.”

Yorkshire Coast Homes apologised to Miss Prince and her family and said in a statement: “In this instance we will be undertaking a thorough inspection of the property to assess and agree any necessary works.

“Housing priority is determined in line with the sub-regional North Yorkshire Home Choice Common Allocations Policy. The banding awarded to Miss Prince’s application is in accordance with the policy.”

“The demand for social housing in Whitby is at a premium and it is unfortunately only possible to assist those in the greatest housing need.”

Other options, such as a home swap with another family, will now be discussed with Miss Prince, it added.