MP welcomes news of Osama death

WHITBY MP Robert Goodwill said “justice” had been served following the death of Osama bin Laden.

However he warned against revenge attacks from Al-Qaeda fanatics.

“It’s very good news that they have finally taken him down,” Mr Goodwill said.

“However we need to be vigilant because Al-Qaeda may be tempted to demonstrate that they are still in business.

“People should look out for suspect packages and make sure that they report anything suspicious.”

Mr Goodwill, who was speaking on Monday added: “I heard when I put the news on.

“I’m surprised he was so close to Islamabad and the Pakistani military academy.”

News broke that the world’s most wanted man had been gunned down by American special forces in the early hours of Monday morning, when US President Barack Obama made a special announcement.

the helicopter-borne assault on the closely guarded compound in Abbottabad, in north-western Pakistan, lasted for around 40 minutes.

Three other men and a woman died in the firefight.